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An interactive equine-assisted parenting class allowing parents to build a better relationship with their children.  Skills to include conflict management and communication. 

Life skills

Coaching workshops are available for individuals, couples, families, and mentoring groups. 

Equine Empowerment is for boys & girls ages 7-18. Focus is on building self-regulation and self-confidence skills. 

What is HorsePowered Reading and Math?

HorsePowered Reading and Math takes the students out of a classroom setting and into the corral where reading and math skills are made visible and physical for the struggling learners. Through the interactions with horses, the students discover metaphors for reading/math skills they struggle to acquire, Children are able to break through social-emotional barriers that impair their ability to learn. Students will practice reading, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. The math skills include memorizing facts, problem solving and patterns. Each session is tailored to the needs of the individuals in the group, as they work through the issues that keep them from learning in the classroom...developing skills to  improve their motivation, confidence and critical thinking.


                                                             No previous horse experience needed.

                                                                     No riding activities.

                                               HorsePowered Reading was developed by

                                               Dr. Michele Pickel.

                                                       HorsePowered Math was developed

                                                                             by Nancy Lyon

HorsePowered Math
June 10, 11 & 12
   9:30 - 11:00 or 6:30 - 8:00


HorsePowered Reading 

     June 17, 18 & 19

          9:30 - 11:00  or    6:30 - 8:00


HorsePowered Reading/Math Combo

      July 29, 30 & 31

          9:30 - 11:00  or   6:30 -  8:00   

Children/Youth will be divided into appropriate age groups for each time slot.

Cost$75 suggested donation per program


$65 per program when registering for    

                  more than one of any of our summer                      programs or multiple family                                     members.

  T-shirt & water bottle included. One per person.


BRAVEHEARTS reaches out to people in all walks of life in a relaxed informal setting. Learning to view and experience life in a new positive way utilizing horses, your therapist & equine specialists.