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This program is designed specifically for parents to improve their relationships with their children.  Parents will have the opportunity to learn empathy, conflict management and communication skills while partnered with a horse to engage in on-the-ground activities.  No previous horse experience is necessary.

Parents are welcome to take this course as individuals, as a couple or as a family unit.  


Coaching workshops are available for individuals, couples,  families&  mentoring groups.

Equine Empowerment is for boys and girls ages 7-18. Focus is on building self-regulation and self-confidence skills.


BRAVEHEARTS uses horses to reach out to people in all walks of life in a relaxed informal setting. Learning to view and experience life in a new positive way. 

Parenting from the Barn

​Dates:  Individual sessions (with or without children) are only being

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Step out of the classroom and into the corral with HorsePowered Reading - Math - Ponies & Preschool. Not only do we work on academic skills, we also work in the issues that keep them from learning in the classroom.